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History of the new relations, arrangements that helped Macho Mansaid Igor from Moscow.

MachoMen helped to cope with the effects of the disease

Well, it's time to tell my story. I never was special. An ordinary boy, an ordinary teenager, just an ordinary student and an ordinary man. Special talents does not differ. He lived, too, as we all chose the woman in the grey mouse, had a baby, everything was fine. But for the anniversary, for 40 years, everything changed.

Right name is: gray hair in his beard, a devil fin. I was always sure that there is no love, there is, it's all nonsense and romantic nonsense. A woman chose to, she was loyal, affectionate, led agriculture. Managed to buy an apartment, to make a child. I never ordered, but also in the neck to sit don't allow it. They lived quietly. And here I met her. Lot of 40 begin to meet with 18 year old girls, and it was at that age, but what! Well-preserved elegant woman, it seems the 30, a sharp mind, good manners, brilliant sense of humor. And the widow. Will disappear.

The first efforts for the conquest

Margo – her name is Margarita, in front of Bulgakov – conventional men never asked me. As I learned later, her husband was an artist, he painted in a very interesting way. She writes prose (satire), and poems. We met by accident, a friend invited me to a small show, where he has read the poems. When I started reading, I realized that I want to here, in the middle of the room, in a chair in which he sits, smoking a cigarette on the mouthpiece. After readings all the drank, I can't remember how, but we ended up in the same bed.

On the morning of Margo, he looked at me with умешкой and told me that I am good for twenty years. And 40 should be greater capacity. However, he said, almost all men think that it is enough to take the stick out of his pants, and whatever else she wants. I don't remember, reddening or побелел, but he escaped by running. And then I realized – can't do without her.

As I was looking for the way to счатью with Macho Man

When once again woke up from the nightmare, where it says that I can do better, I realized: something has to change. In principle, I am a man handsome, it's not a sex symbol, but neither is it ugly. What could I capture it? I've decided that sex. And he went to the doctor.

Yeah, so radically: immediately to the doctor. The problems we need to solve them. A sex therapist told me that I need to check if it's good for me, and explained that the 20-30 that I have is a little. I was in a state of shock, my wife was always missing. The doctor advised me to buy a stimulant, something natural.

I started looking for something for that purpose, to try to buy or order. Immediately decided: no chemistry, I'm healthy. Stopped Macho Man and even some money. Did the price and composition. Spray worked perfectly. I started reading books about sex...

A runaway success and a new happiness

When I came to Margo again, it's a surprise, but praised. He says, not all men are after such escape of returns. And I told her that is the goddess. I won't argue, but he didn't. A date in a day. - I read a lot.

The day x came in. macho man worked flawlessly, I was almost three hours. It was the best sex of my life (at that time) and, you know, she liked it. You shouldn't be prepared! It is, of course, a little caustically said that the theory is not practical, but immediately asked me to meet again. Are you, says dr.

What I finally ended up with Margo and Macho Manit?

I visited it several times. A couple of times I tried it without Macho Man I love her, but she said something to me so I quickly escaped to the bathroom, threw up a spray and go for the second round. Don't risk it, even more, I told her, is the same causes spray, this is even cooler!

First we just had good sex, but I was fascinated. We started to walk along with the exhibitions, reading the bible, and so on. My wife and I broke up almost immediately. The child finished school, something that didn't last. I told her goodbye, gave me a jar Macho Manbefore I decided to yourself. Gifting, say, something in this new, let's have good sex.

Margot was always a good thing. Experienced and sexy, and he taught me everything, what you should know years to 19-20, but he didn't learn, because sex almost didn't do it. Since then we have неземное fun and the two of them. And she knows how to deliver it, and thanks Macho Man I miss a few approaches. And this is in the 40 with a tail!

I have everything's perfect, it turned out, so guys, don't be afraid. Use games, use Macho Man (price in spray is a joke in comparison with the result – happy relationship). If it's worth it hard enough, go to the doctors and speak with the woman. And I will marry second time!