Manufacturer of vacuum pump with their hands

Air pump is a pump, forming a vacuum. It has the greatest suction power and it is created by pumping air or other substances from the closed capacity. For what you need such a device, what are the principles of his work, the varieties and characteristics, such as build a device with their hands, these are all issues that need to be explored.

Which devices are and where they are used

vacuum pump

In the modern world, people very often with the gap in the domestic life. The devices applied parking braking and air-conditioning systems. There is a household device to remove the air from the packs with food or bulky items.

Κου'φώματα applied in various industries:

  • Textile;
  • Food?
  • Pharmacological;
  • Medicine?
  • Oil and natural gas?
  • Chemical
  • Electrical;
  • Metallurgy with me?
  • Georgia?
  • Construction.

There are even pumps for women and men, increase the flow of blood in various organs. Vacuum devices are used almost everywhere, so that their plan is different. The most basic forms such as κου'φωμάτων different. Liquid ring designed prior to everyone and is used until today.

For such a device, it needs a stable flow of fluid and electricity.

The vacuum chamber is formed due to the rotation of the mechanism, is immersed in this liquid. Plate-rotary — the most popular in production. They are used for small closed systems. Plate-rotary pumps are mainly composed of 2 cameras. At work, swivel air from a module moves to another. These pumps are of 2 types – oil and oil-free.

Development of a manual of the device from the syringe

Is the manual mini-pump is very affordable, and no problems will gather everyone.

To make the device from the syringe, you need to prepare:

  • Sick leave syringe, preferably bigger?
  • Tee;
  • The phone, the same diameter as the tee and the syringe?
  • 2 return valve.

First, the flexible plastic tube is cut into 3 parts and joins tee. In a tube to secure the syringe, and in two others – aquarium valves.

You can use aquarium valves of the same diameter as the tube.

A valve is inserted in the absorption of the air, the other — on the subject. During the movement of the piston in the syringe of the capacity pumped the air. In the same way you can pour water from one container to the second.

Appendix from the car pump

This devices water pump in the house is made from ordinary car or a bicycle pump. The work consists of 4 consecutive steps. That is to say:

  1. Experienced device and is removed cuff.
  2. Cuff flips to the other side and screwed the pipe back.
  3. The pumping tube is placed a valve.
  4. The free end of the valve wear hose or tube of durable material.

The essence of reconstruction is that it changes the direction of the surface run: when you click in the arm reduces the volume of the machine, and the air leaves in the reverse of the cuff.

During lifting of the arm camera creates a vacuum.

The homemade device can come in handy in your home, for example, when sampling air from pockets for storing pads and bulk things without the help of the vacuum cleaner.

Of various compressors

For pumping of large quantities can be manufactured pump with the actuator. You don't have to pumped capacity contained liquid, or water vapor will quickly device out of operation. To compressor is broken, the system added equipment for the dehumidification of the air.

Pump manufacturer with the use of a compressor is divided into 3 stages:

  1. Detachable air filter on the compressor.
  2. At the entrance of the compressor connects a tube to suck air.
  3. Kindle the device.

Water pump with your hands, you can create using a broken refrigerator or air conditioner. The manufacturing process is simple and is carried out in several stages. A hacksaw haircut top. Is removed from the casing of the engine. The copper tube is worn in a special tube and joins them in a small container.

The top of the compressor is replaced with a new, smaller diameter. The lid is made with a soldering iron than aluminium brass. Coated linoleum for soundproofing.

The pump is supplied tubular gauge for checking the level of oil (can be made from the casing of a normal handle). The suction fitting connects to the air filter, you can use the car. Between the assembly and the filter is placed system reset excess pressure. Is included in the network.

How to make a water pump vacuum

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Liquid ring vacuum pump creates a very strong vacuum and it is widely applied for agricultural machinery. The project takes place due to the immersion rotating mechanism in the liquid.

That to modify aquarium compressor is not difficult, the design quite a bit mutated:

  1. With the help of screwdriver unscrew connection with the casing.
  2. Experienced property, and removed valves.
  3. Valves are reversed, and the device goes back.
  4. Tube that connects the vacuum area. To resolve the humidity in the enclosure with the small hole.
  5. Installed system of gas outlet pipe of adequate size.

The assembly of such a pump is carried out in several stages. On the inside around the drum blade is placed the mechanism. Is installed so as not to come into contact with the body itself. Drum partially filled with water.

Impeller with the help of the engine starts to rotate, and the liquid under the effect of centrifugal force it fills water pump.

The water flow is from the inlet or tank. Remover cleans bearings. For a hat on the plate is inserted nails. During the tightening of the nut is made by pressing a plate on the shaft.

Shades construction of water pumps with their hands

Main advantages of membrane-piston pump — in flexibility and the absence of noise. Vacuum is channeled under the influence of the piston. In Cam devices vacuum created for your account 2 key details of the mechanism — "tooth", is spinning relative to each other.

These pumps must not be lubricated, because they have a low efficiency and require replacement of repair parts.

Vacuum pumps, you can do it yourself with the help of medical syringe, auto - pump, electric compressor, compressor from the refrigerator, the compressor of the aquarium. To select the specific option, for a start you need to decide where and why it will be used.

The pump consists of several individual parts:

  1. A plastic bottle with a sealing cuff, which is inserted into the stock.
  2. A mechanism that will create vacuum by pumping air.
  3. The rubber tube that connects the pump with a bottle.

Stock is inserted within the bulb, pumped the air, and it creates a vacuum. This leads to an improvement in the care of the air. To run it press a special filter valve, or is released hole closed with your finger.

In stores there are choices of water pump different complete sets. But such a pump can easily make it yourself from scrap materials. Selected bottle size that you want (you can do it from a pastry syringe or a plastic bottle), bore 2 holes. In a hole by using the sealant or adhesive joining pipe (silicone, rubber or the dropper). The second hole is connected sealing cuff, allows the integrity and allows you to not getting hurt. With the help of sealer, spiral tube connected to the pump.

If necessary, the use of a vacuum pump can save you significantly funds, gathering is the assembly on your own. However, creating it can take a little time and effort. For the construction of the device with their hands, sometimes it is enough to use the existing one from the original material. From the guy who is chosen, will depend directly on the complexity of the work and the ways of application of the device.