Small penis: techniques to increase the sizes

How to increase penis length or width? Some men do not consider that the size of the sexual organ perfect and ready to go to a lot of, for the sake of profit. So is it possible at home?

How to increase the length of penis?

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At the moment there are many men who believe that the size of their penis is not adequate to meet the partner and start to doubt their abilities.

But before you decide that the length or width of the penis insufficient, we need to define what is the normal size of your penis and what should be the perfect size in accordance with girls. Maybe, for the doubt of their abilities, there's no reason.

How to increase penis size? You can do this at this point, the most different methods. Is and surgical and non-surgical methods.

Ointments and pills

Scientists argue that the positive outcome after such means are nothing else, as a suggestion, since the drug does not affect in any way the body and has the effect of placebo.

A similar opinion difficult to disprove, as well as at this time there is not a precise test, which will certainly confirmed the fact that the use of these instruments really in any way affects the length or width of the penis.

You can confidently say that as ointments and pills negative result for the male body is not flying, the way the composition is almost always there are ginseng, various weed, yohimbe (herbal viagra). The use of these instruments, can strengthen your body, but for the size of the penis effect will not have.

Exercises and weights to increase penis size

The manufacturers claim that if every day for over 8 hours wearing a similar feature, then you can achieve increased penis a few inches. But this method is very questionable, since it can only stretch the chassis, but not the same sexual organ.

Before you start the execution of a variety of exercises that you will need something to affect the length and width of the penis, you need to understand, that the sexual body is not the biceps. Turn up the impossible.

Despite the fact that the network to continue to gain popularity in various training courses, which help you to change the size of the penis. For example, one of these bands called "jelcing". They say that this includes a variety of exercises from arab technology, which has reached us even from the distant antiquity.


As a result, formed a vacuum, which stimulates the flow of blood to the customs authorities, in turn becomes excited and visually, of course, increases.

After the procedure, the base of the penis is fixed a small ring that prevents the rapid flow of blood. Although it is a popular method, which is considered to be the method that's safe, you can't, such as:

  • it is not excluded that the early inability of the patient;
  • it is very likely that the damage to the blood vessels, thus appearing bruises?
  • it is not excluded that damage to the soft tissues.

In addition to this, after sexual organ will be solved in the ring, will be exactly the same size as it was before that.

Increase penis size surgery

In the journal "European urology today" 10 years ago, published an article, in which it is stated that the maximum length that can enlarge the penis, does not exceed 3 cm. At this time the men offer to do one of the two functions.

The increase in the length

It's no secret that it is precisely due to the presence of small ropes, the male penis is connected with the pelvis. What support strings, which are closely connected with the sexual organ, and hide part of it in the depth of the body.

Surgery involves weakening of the intensity of the linkage, which is achieved thanks to the fact that the cut. The result after the operation, the greater part of the penis becomes visible. However, there is the risk that, in the future chords begin again to grow together.

To avoid this side effect, male need every day for 6 months worn on the penis special special equipment.

The increase of the penis width

But after some time the doctors figured out that adipose tissue can no precipitation, begins to deteriorate, and the result is a state of seem is not smooth. After this they began to do other business in which the member is implanted fabric, transplanted from genetically similar not of the body, which is applied to various kinds of reconstructive surgery.

The Doctor J. Rosenthal claims that after the surgery side effects, as in the previous case, no. The result is really achieved, and lasts a year. But, unfortunately, nobody can give a hundred percent guarantee that the donations of fabric after the transplant will behave as it should.

In addition to these two common methods, there are other. For example, if the patient is particularly overweight, then increase the size of the penis can visually by using the liposuction. During the operation the base of the penis cleaned of adipose tissue.

What conclusions can we draw on the methods of growth of a penis?

In addition, if a man will try to change the size of your penis with the help of these instruments and does not get the desired result, you may fall into depression, with the result that it can even cause the appearance of psychogenic erectile dysfunction.

And this issue will need to clean up the drug drug. Also, insecurity can cause premature ejaculation, which also adversely affect the quality of sexual life.

Actually increase the length or width of the penis can be only by surgery. Any other methods, in the best case it will have no effect, at worst you may even injure. Before deciding on any procedure, be sure to consult your doctor and weigh the "pros" and "against".

The whole truth about the growth of the penis

It is considered that manhood must be in excellent sizes. Well, we put it, not so much to control the boot, but still. Many men complex due to the small envelope of the main body and start to look for various ways to increase — a benefit of online deals is fully. However, many of them will not help, and will hurt you.

If you need to stretch

the growth of the penis

We analyzed the most popular techniques today that offer penis enlargement. For the separation, as they say, the wheat from the chaff.

It is very tempting it seems the ability to extend the sexual dignity with the help of a simulator, which is called dilution. Promised one, that the engineer dilates body about 4-5 cm and even increases the volume of the 1.5 cm

And decrease the curvature and increase the libido.

Despite the fact that many men say that the technique helps them (state increased by a couple of months for 1-2 cm), all of them indicate severe pain when you move your device, which, by the way, have to wear every day. This is awkward. In addition, it helps dilution is not all. If you reduce the elasticity of the tunica albuginea of the penis to stretch him useless.

Factors affecting the length of the penis:

  • heredity
  • characteristics of growth and development
  • hormonal status
  • disorders of intrauterine development

Rub or not to rub

Even more questionable way of penis — rubbing in this magical creams and gels, which are sold in large quantities.

If you believe the advertising, thanks to tannin, in just one week can bring the male organ to huge dimensions. Meanwhile, doctors say that creams for penis enlargement is not over "fraud".

Why, if these funds will be able to penetrate more deeply into the skin, their had to register as a medication, and the free market would not have happened. In the best case, the cream is not bad.

And here is the introduction under the skin of the penis gels, pastes, vaseline oil filled with dangerous consequences, up to loss skin of the penis and even the ability to erection. These patients should have surgery with a view to the salvation of the penis and the restoration of the functions

And here pump that creates a pressure, which is supposed to lead to an increase in the (another common method of the Internet) could easily contribute to the rupture of blood vessels. In addition, experts recognized that the method is absolutely ineffective. From the massage that offer some craftsmen, or exercise, very difficult and will bring a result. How to enlarge penis

The man, whose the dimensions of the genital organs significantly less average, will not solve the problems, smeared genitals cream or suspension at this load. You need to seek medical help.

Today, the only truly effective solution is the relevant problems, the doctors called the surgery, which will actually help to increase the authority by 5 cm has indications and contraindications. In addition, it is not always the body needs to increase.

The average size of penis at rest — about 9 cm, vertical — about 15. It is statistical, it is not ideal, in which we must fight.

How to increase thickness of penis (all kinds)

The possibility of penis enlargement always cared about men. Studies show that approximately 30-40 % of men are unhappy with the size of the penis. Yes, and artificially created the myth that the larger the size of the penis, the better, leads to the fact, that these unfulfilled becomes more and more. In this context, medicine is not in place and is constantly evolving towards methods and devices to increase not only the length but also the thickness of the penis.

Basic techniques

Today there are many techniques that help to increase the thickness of the penis. The undeniable advantage is that all of these are suitable for applications in the home. Thus, among the key methods it is important to mention the following:

  1. Manual method.
  2. Water pump vacuum.
  3. Dilution.
  4. Medical method based on the use of hormonal drugs.
  5. The surgery.

Examine each and every way more:


One of the most simple methods of penis enlargement, according to men. The most important is that the method has no side effects for the body men, and does not require a financial cost for auxiliary devices. To enlarge penis can be in length and in thickness. For this purpose use different exercises.

It is important to realize that, technically, the increase in length involves the stretching of the tissue corpus cavernosum, and the thickness of the can to secure the extension. If you cause a manual method of stretching the penile tissue in men is easy, for the extension of a necessary condition is the maintenance of the erection for a specified period of time. And that increases the risk of injury.

Exercises to increase thickness of the penis is most effective in an erection. To begin the workout should be with loads of low intensity and then gradually increase the intensity and complex exercise. Don't forget that prior to the training that is required warm up of the tissues.

Faster, can be done with warm water and a sponge. The next important point is there is plenty of lubrication, you can use any gel-lubricant. When you perform exercises "in the dry" and without previous heating of tissue at high risk of injury to the tissues of the penis.

After the preparation start to apply the exercises:

  1. Start stroking.
  2. Gradually boost the pressure on the penis up to achieve the maximum possible erection.
  3. With one hand hold in the region of the base of the penis, the other gently off the head area.
  4. Continue to keep at it for a minute, after which the pressure relax, then repeat from the beginning.

There is another option exercises for the increase of the thickness of the penis at home. The preparatory phase similar, that is, don't forget about the entry and lubrication. Then, grasp the penis in the region of the head and start to gradually stretch and shrink. At the time of the maximum voltage should be delayed for a few seconds.

After exercise, it is recommended to make a relaxing massage, which helps to restore blood circulation. Disadvantage is the duration of the procedure.

the function

This method not only helps to increase the length and thickness of the penis, but also to get rid of impotence. Pump for men is a cylinder with pump. In this ability fit the penis, and the pump gradually deflects from the air cylinder. As a result, can achieve a significant increase of the penis in a short period of time.

Solvent less popular than, what water pump vacuum. It is not recommended to use in men with the presence of anatomical abnormalities of the structure of the organs of the genitourinary system. The advantage is painless, effective and no side effects.

Dilution allows you to adjust the volume and stretching of the penis. In the future, to achieve the best result, you can optionally use a special rod.

It is considered that the effect occurs after a month from the beginning of the year. It is important to note that the adjustment does not dilate the cells the building blocks of the body, and helps to increase their number.

Therefore, the effect lasts for a long time.