How to increase a member in the house, right

How to increase a member in the house? Question for the sufficient sizes principle for the strong sex has always stood strongly. Some, who don't have obvious problems, try to increase the member in all possible ways, although it is absolutely not necessary. A woman to achieve orgasm you don't need a big penis size. But there is a category of men, which is really a correction authority. There are many techniques that will help to enlarge penis at home. Today I will tell you about the most effective methods, you really will change the settings in the penis in length and in thickness.

the growth of the penis

Before you start any process, it's better to measure dignity. Maybe you have the average penis, it's not worth to fish workouts, quotes, or to resort to radical methods resize — function.

Surgeons it is shown that the erect penis can be from 10-15 inches of what below or above the small penis or large size, respectively. As someone lucky and some do not. But the problem of the small body can decide for themselves.


To enlarge penis at home, maybe only if the person has no apparent problems with the instrument. No acute pathological conditions associated STDS or cancer formations. Before you start any process to increase, you need to get rid of symptomatic disease.

Technical correction of the penis at home:

  1. Water pump void?
  2. Dilution;
  3. Jelcing, exercise?
  4. Ointments, creams, gels and spray?
  5. Drugs?
  6. Stretching with the use of goods.


Due to the device, which is of many kinds, you can achieve the result within a month after daily use. To really increase not only in diameter, and in length.

Apart from this, the device has many advantages. It helps to solve a series of problems of men related to the sexual sphere. Water pump is a kind of bulb, pump with pear, compressive rings (purchase must be sealed).

Working principle:

  • Phallus is inserted in the cylinder (water pump is manual, manual);
  • Removed the air from the pump, resulting in the erection?
  • Ring press firmly to evie, and flask in the meantime, shoot?
  • Hold to 8 minutes, then clean it?
  • Repeat 2 times daily.

Before any method to increase the male dignity is worth to do the initial measurements. Control not a month ago.


  • Helps eliminate stagnant processes in the small pelvis with a non-sexual relations, and sedentary work?
  • Bridges incompetence?
  • The increase of the male organ up to 4 cm?
  • Diversify your sexual life?
  • Masturbation.


How to increase the size with the use of the device? Thanks to this, you can achieve for 1 month before than 0.5 cm, if you use it daily. The principle of operation is the stretching of the cells of the epithelium of the tissue.

That, in turn, under the weight of the extender have the capacity to grow and to fill the gap that is formed in the stretch position. The method is similar to those used in surgery, therefore, the increase of the authority is guaranteed.


  • The increase of your penis both in length and in width?
  • Correction of deformities and abnormalities of the penis in the house.

Results after use within 4-5 months:

  • Up to 5 cm in the excited state?
  • Up to 3.5 cm in alone penis?
  • In a volume of up to 1.5 cm

During the first month it is recommended that the installation of the device up to 10 hours, respectively this is done in one night. Daily dress can achieve amazing results already a couple of months, the settings remain throughout their life.

Jelcing and the correct exercises

If you apply eastern methodology, increases sexual organ gradually, not causing a lot of damage, and is less traumatic.

Why you need to control the whole process with her hands and terminate the exercise in case of distress.

The principle of operation is based on the high tide of blood to the genitals and stretching the cells of the penis. If you use every day 1-2 times per day, to achieve the result can be already a month.

Before hobby and from the start of the exercise need to prepare and preheat the phallus. This can in warm hot water bottle, the salt-to-wear or towels, soaked in warm water.


Important is not to let burns, check the temperature and the senses. For the improvement of the process and the effectiveness of the course may cause special creams or gels for the increase of the authority. This will help you quickly change the appearance of dignity.

The Exercise "Jelcing"

  1. Apply the cream on the genitals;
  2. Massaging, drive up easy erection?
  3. Stack of the index finger and thumb thick ring?
  4. Not the compression, but enough elastic strap pass the entire length of the penis does not reach up to the head?
  5. Make moves so as not to cause strong discomfort and pain?
  6. Repeat the "tight ring" around the length up to 40 times?
  7. Extend each class by 10 points?
  8. At the end of 1 month must be done before 300-350 per session.

By doing these simple movements, after 30 days, you will notice an important addition to cm.

Stretching with the help of the load

It is the best and the ancient technique for increasing the size of the penis. The modern analogue – dilution.

Therefore, if you don't want to buy the machine, you can resort to stretch marks and to do on your own, using materials at hand in. Some men a bottle with water is used as a weighting.

Only here we have to be very careful. Technique when the wrong approach is quite dangerous and painful for a start.

It is to be placed on load for 10-15 minutes in the initial stages, then more (but not more than 20). Under the weight extension of the penis and the result can be observed after 1 month.

Implementation should be carefully and with caution and without sudden movements. The penis should not be erect. At the base of the head member wrapped fully elastic bandage or a handkerchief, try not to pinch body, you need to pick up the sandpaper state.

In specialty stores, buy weighing scale, in which and hang on load. You should see the video lesson, do not use the load, and until you master a bandage and weighing scale.

When you use goods, with each week weighting of them, be sure to watch for the senses, in the case of a sharp pain, stop the procedure. In the extra pounds is often referred to sporting goods disks, and dumbbells.

Although this is not house, as we have said previously bottled water too good. The first lessons start with 5 minutes, increasing each time by 1.

The maximum time of load – not more than 20. More can not stand, can the pressure start to die, the cells, and thus the necrosis near.

Basic rules of stretch marks

  • No erection before and during the weight;
  • Squeeze a drop of blood from the penis before flying?
  • The cargo hold until then, until you feel a slight discomfort. Pain, burning sensation and pain – is that forbidden?
  • Change in the color, dark color, and a blue state – norma, by the end of the lesson increase?
  • The sharp weighting will lead to thrombosis, but not for the development of, all of it should be gradually?
  • No movements, do this and from a door etc., to Stand in one place?
  • Beginners is not recommended, it needs practice after exercise jelqing;
  • The first load should not exceed 200 g.